I don't think that architecture is only about shelter,
is only about a very simple enclosure.
It should be able to excite you,
to calm you,
to make you think.
Zaha Hadid

Strasbourg Eurometropole

Parlement européen de Strasbourg
Exposition - Galerie Graine de photographe - Paris

Symbol of Europe
Artwork by Ludmila Tcherina

Parlement Européen de Strasbourg
Date de construction : 1998
Architectes : M. Robain, R. Tisnado, J.F. Bonne, A. Bretagnolle, R.H. Arnaud, L.M. Fischer, G. Valente

Les Haras - Brasserie

Managed by Marc Haeberlin and decorated by the famous duet of designer-architect Jouin-Manku.

This restaurant situated in the heart of Strasbourg, on the edge of the Petite France historical quarter is located in the renovated National Stud Farm.

Place de la liberté : grue paindavoine

Vue sur l'Ill - Petite France

La passerelle des Deux Rives | Architecte : Marc Mimram