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Leonardo Da Vinci

freelancing and creative activities

Since starting out as a webdesigner I have been involved in several projects : from website for small companies or organisations to large-scale project such as a medical network for the French government in the French West Indies. I'm especially grateful for the wonderful experience I had in Paris working as a freelancer for different large Agencies such as Ogilvy Paris.

Also my last major project for a French University allowed me to take on a wide range of creative and technical challenges. It is one of my long-term activities, spending more than 4 years on their entire online network, working with a huge crew of talented people.
I take now a new start, in a new region, after 4 years parental leaves. I'll soon present here new projects.

Nomad by heart

French is my mother tongue and German my everyday language since I'm now living in that part of Europe. My German life began a long time ago in Cologne where I was studying design at the kisd - Köln international school of design. Directly after my degree I spent a couple of years in the Caribbean in the French West Indies - which is still a part of the official European Union.

I also have had the opportunity to live in several regions of the world. In San Francisco and London I improved my English skills. I returned to Germany a few years ago (to the beautiful Black Forest), where I still live both my German and my French side. People would say I am a strong-willed, enthusiastic, meticulous, demanding and - of course - a creative person.